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The Zen Buddhist Group in Guernsey provides information, talks and meditation (zazen) to those interested in either finding out a little bit more on Buddhism or taking up a regular practice.  The Group meets once a fortnight in St. Peter Port, on Thursday evenings, and anyone is welcome to join us to find out more, pick up literature, just have a chat or sit and silently meditate with us. The last Thursday of each month is a general open to all drop in class where guidance is given to those who are new to meditation. Our Guernsey group is run in association and under the guidance of The Buddhist Society Zen Centre London.

Correspondence Course in Basic Buddhism – for those wanting to find out more about Buddhism there is the opportunity to sign up for the correspondence course designed and run by the Buddhist Society London.  The course costs £25 and you will correspond with an experienced teacher who will take you through the history, developments, basic principles and teachings of Buddhism in a clear and straightforward way.  More details through our Community Links page and Buddhist Society or follow the link www.thebuddhistsociety.org/page/correspondence-course-2